B-Lines Resistance Bands
Are They Worth The Money?

b-lines resistance bands review

The Facts about these bands

B-lines resistance bands are an option to using dumbbells for your P90X workout. Since so many men and women don't have huge budgets or a great deal of space to exercise in, I decided to take a look at what working out with resistance bands was all about.

You see, as i mentioned above; after buying the P90X program to review it, I decided to try their exercise bands instead of dumbbells. So I went and purchased a set of the B-Lines Resistance Bands they offer.

On this page you will discover a B lines resistance bands review and how you can use them with your P90X DVD program.

B-Lines Resistance Bands or 
P90X Resistance Bands

The set that I purchased comes with 10 bands plus 3 sets of handles.

It costs approximately $80 bucks and then you must spend another $10 to get the door attachment with a safety strap. So, it ran me about $90 bucks for the bands.

Here are the main points regarding the B-lines resistance bands:

  • Handles: The 10 resistance bands set came with 3 handles. You can easily remove the elastic bands and replace it with another quite easily.

    One thing I didn’t like is that it doesn’t allow you to attach more than one band to the handle unlike the Bodylastics or Golds Gym resistance bands. So you have to have a few bands of different resistances in order to get a decent workout.
  • Latex Elastic The B-Lines resistance bands like so many others are made of latex so if you are allergic to latex you probably will not be able to use these. Most bands are made of latex so if you are allergic…you may have to consider using dumbbells.
  • Exercising With The B-Lines Bands The B-lines bands like most others are great to workout with the only part I didn't like is that the handles are made of hard plastic so it is almost impossible to use them to perform pull down exercises. You may need to purchase a separate handle made out of nylon. The bands are portable and fit right in with the principle of “muscle confusion.”
  • Muscle Confusion Principle Muscle confusion is the principle of changing your routines to keep your body guessing. The human body is very resourceful at adapting to its environment and will seek to preserve homeostasis. If you've hit a plateau than you will need to make changes in your diet and to your exercise routine. Why limit your choices when you can have it all? So confusion is actually a good thing.

Another way to add variety to a stalled program would be by switching from B-Lines Resistance Bands to free weights, changing from machines to dumbbells, or doing a combination of all three.

Free weights are good for working your stabilizer muscles that crisscross across the landscape of your body. Resistance bands have the added advantage of applying continuous tension to every movement while being easy on the joints.

In all the B-Lines Resistance Bands are a quality product although I believe you can find better and at a cheaper price.

Final Thoughts:

Make sure that the resistance bands you use are from a good quality manufacturer. Bands that are of poor quality... similar to plain old "rubber bands" lose their elasticity over time.

I have found that Bodylastics makes a superb resistance band. It comes complete with a door hook, portable storage bag and the ability to attach more than 7 bands to the handles. In this way, it's almost exactly like an adjustable dumbbell.

This part is the Most important since it allows you to increase the resistance as you get stronger. In addition, they also include a "LIFE TIME" Warranty that NO-ONE-Else even comes close to having. I may be biased but, I use them along with the Golds Gym Resistance Bands whenever I workout!

Check out the FREE videos and see actual exercises that can be performed with resistance bands. The Bodylastics system will compliment and enhance your P90X training.

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