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Best Resistance Bands
Which Are The Best Rated?

best resistance bands

If you are searching for the very best resistance bands, this is actually the most critical web page you will ever in your life read.

Getting a good resistance tubing that will last can often be difficult.

There are so many different manufacturers and retailers that it can be really difficult to determine which is truly the best. Keeping that in mind, one thing you need to remember is that not all exercise tubing are of equal quality.

One of the main considerations in determining which are the best resistance bands is what your fitness goals are and what type of workout you're going to be doing.

Quality Versus Price

The problem with many of the "Cheap Resistance Tubes" is that after a while they lose their elasticity or worse will snap and break. These type of products usually come with zero or a very limited warranty. The better ones in the market today will offer you a Lifetime Warranty.

In other words, if the exercise tubes ever crack, break or snap they will substitute them normally at no cost to you (sometimes they will just charge you shipping charges.)

Here's what we consider the most important considerations when looking to buy the best resistance bands:

"Does the Company Stand behind the Product?"

As mentioned earlier, most resistance tubes just like rubber bands after awhile will lose their elasticity and can snap or break.

That's why one of the most important considerations is that the manufacturer stand behind the product. There must be a warranty in place that will replace the tubing if they should ever lose elasticity, snap or break.

Some of the better products on the market today will offer you a lifetime warranty.

The best resistance bands that we have found based on our research are the Bodylastics resistance bands. The company offers a lifetime defects warranty on the product and gives you a 90 day money back guarantee so that you can try them out risk-free.

Another company that has put together an excellent product is the Ripcords resistance tubes.

"Do They Offer An Easy-To-Understand Result Producing Training Program?"

The reality is that nobody wants to buy exercise tubes or bands.

What we want are RESULTS!

In order to get results we must have an effective exercise program and workouts designed to meet our fitness goals. Knowing how to perform the exercises correctly will help you prevent injury. And having a large variety of exercise movements will prevent you from becoming bored with your workout.

Strength Training, Free Weights
And the Door Attachment

The one essential attachment that your exercise bands home gym must have is a door anchor or door attachment.

This little piece of exercise equipment will allow you to attach resistance bands to any door, fence or even a tree. It will allow you to perform many more resistance band exercises than you could do with just elastic tubing.

For example, the Bodylastics system we mentioned earlier allows you to perform more than 140 health club quality exercises through a combination of the door attachment and ankle straps.

In addition, you must have a system that allows you to attach multiple bands to the handles. In this way, it's almost like having a set of adjustable dumbbells without the expense. You can easily increase the tension or resistance by simply using the "Quick Clip"feature. This will allow you to quickly work out your muscles without having to have a great deal of space.

While the Ripcords bands are of good quality they do not allow you to attach multiple tubes to one handle. Unfortunately, this in our opinion is a big drawback!

Both companies however, offer an excellent training program and even provide video training. Bodylastics takes it one step further and offers you access to a "Live Online" streaming workout. This "Live Workout" focuses on specific training goals. So, if you're into bodybuilding, martial arts, golf or just need to lose weight - they have a video/DVD training program for you to follow.