Bodylastics Bands Review
Are They The Ideal Home Gym?

In this Bodylastics bands review, you will uncover some of the reasons why exercise tubing instead of free weights are ideal for your home gym.

Perhaps like so many others today you are on a tight budget.

Yet, you still want to have a ripped and lean body. If so, then continue reading this article and discover why Bodylastic bands may be the right solution for you.

Best Resistance Bands Home Gym

Having the appropriate strength or resistance training equipment is vital if you're to build a ripped or toned. Making you aware of what some of your choices are is one of the goals of this Bodylastics bands review.

With these different types of exercise equipment anyone can use them to increase their muscle mass in their arms, chest, back, and legs. No longer is it necessary to spend a great deal of money on a gym or health club membership. Because today you can get the same or better results without spending a fortune by purchasing the right home exercise equipment.

Furthermore, home exercise equipment like the Bodylastic bands can be utilized to help you sculpt your abdominal muscles into lean, hard and ripped six-pack abs.

Keep in mind, that with a gym membership it's difficult to work out while you're traveling or on vacation. However, with the right pieces of exercise equipment you can work out just about anywhere. And this is where the Bodylastics bands come in.

They are considered the premier resistance tubes home gym.

Yes, it is possible to build a ripped physique using exercise bands. You see, your body doesn't know the difference between a 50-pound barbell plate and a 50-pound brick. And that's the magic of using resistance tubing.

Bodylastic Bands Can

Get You Ripped in 90 Days

What makes Bodylastic the "Lexus" of exercise tubing is that it offers you a Lifetime Defects Warranty. No other manufacturer, to my knowledge, even comes close to offering the consumer a complete replacement of their exercise tubing, in the event that it snaps, breaks or loses its elasticity.

It's inevitable that resistance bands lose their elasticity over time. Just like a rubber band will stretch out and lose its suppleness. There is nothing that can be done about this when they lose their tensile strength they must be replaced and that's where a quality replacement warranty is considered by many to be priceless.

How to Use Resistance
Bands For Bodybuilding

Many bodybuilders utilize cables as well as resistance bands in their training program. In fact, Terrell Owens (the NFL wide receiver) has been called the "Rubber Band Man" because he utilizes fitness tubes instead of free weights for his football and strength training workouts.

Just about any exercise that you can perform with free weights you can do with bands.

In fact, many times just by shortening the length of the tube you can dramatically increase the amount of resistance that it provides you.

Keep in mind, that simply by utilizing the Bodylastics bands door anchor you can significantly increase the number of exercise movements that you can perform. In reality, Bodylastics bands allow you to perform more than 140 gym type exercises all in the convenience of your home, condo, dorm room or apartment.

Essentially, Bodylastics bands are nothing short of a lightweight portable gym in a bag.

Weight lifting machines as you know will cost you thousands of dollars. However, you can get just about the same type of workout from this exercise device and spend less than $50.

Bodylastics exercise bands allow you to perform many of the exercises that you can do with cable machines. As well, as perform a bench press type of movement.

On the other hand, you will not have to use a spotter or risks an injury as you would in performing a basic bench press.

In all, I hope you have enjoyed this Bodylastics bands review and will consider them for your portable in home gym.

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