Bodylastics Home Gym -
An Amazing "Gym In A Bag"

Bodylastics Home Gym Vs. Health Clubs

The Bodylastics home gym can help everyone have a leaner, fitter and healthier body.

Bodylastics Home GymMost of us just want to look good to attract the opposite sex or to be able to take care of ourselves in those dangerous situations that sometimes happen in life.

Others on the other hand, want to be able to keep up with their kids… who seem to have an endless amount of vitality and energy.

And still others are more interested in preventing diseases.

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Whatever your reasons are for getting in shape they are all great reasons!

A lot of my friends and relatives told me that the best way to get a sexy and firm body was to go to the gym, but gyms are not cheap.

In my area they run almost $1000 bucks a year!

If you want to get a complete body workout for a fraction of the cost of overpriced exercises machines or gym membership, then you need to check out the Bodylastics Home Gym .

This revolutionary power packed “home gym in a bag” has been getting RAVE reviews from many folks who have finally found a low cost solution to having a healthier and sexy body.

It comes with a complete set of resistance bands with easy to use workout attachments. The bands come in different colors so it’s easy to know what amount of resistance each one offers.

This Home Gym is so convenient and versatile that you can tone any area of your body just by changing your position and the way you pull on the resistance bands.

You can get additional exercises for resistance bands by visiting some of our other pages on this website.

Bodylastic Resistance Bands Quality

These exercise bands are made of a high quality latex and other elastic materials, which create tension and resistance as you pull on them. This allows your muscles to be worked out… similar to the effect of using health club cables or weight lifting equipment.

Bodylastic Home Gym is simple to use and the workouts are quick, easy and fun!

You also get a complete step-by-step instructional guide that offers a huge variety of different exercises to keep your workouts interesting and fun. It also allow you to utilize the “muscle confusion” principle so that you never plateau!

Here are some of the major benefits of the different systems that this company offers:

  • Systems Start out As Low As… $28.95
  • 99.9% Snap Resistant - Patented D.G.S. Technology-  In 2008 Bodylastics International Inc. began working on a new technology that would make resistance bands even safer and more durable. This technology is called D.G.S., which stands for Distance Governor Safety and is designed to prevent the user from snapping an elastic.
  • Over 140 of the Top Health Club/Gym Exercises
  • Free Access to live and on demand workout programs -  At this site you will have available to you over 1850 full-length Bodylastics workouts.
  • Ability to attach over 7 elastics at the same time to one handle

You can easily tone your arms, abs, thighs, chest, back, and buttocks with different workouts you can do in the comfort and convenience of your home, office just about anywhere!

In Summary:

I recommend the Bodylastic Home Gym Resistance Bands with the ability to attach MORE than 7 bands to one handle… they blow away just about any other exercise band on the market today.

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