Bodylastics Versus Fitlastics

Who's the Winner for the
Best Resistance Bands Home Gym?

Bodylastics versus Fitlastics which brand of resistance band do you think would suit your needs best?

Resistance bands are an excellent tool that can be used for carrying out exercises for all muscle groups. Some people use free weights when doing the exercise without recognizing the risks and potential disadvantages that it can present.

Bodylastics resistance bandsFortunately, the use of resistance bands eliminates these types problems. In fact, most fitness trainers, strength conditioning coaches and exercise enthusiasts are using resistance bands & moving away from weight trainingas well as the use of dumbbells because of the high probability of injury.

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Resistance bands are most often used to increase strength and muscle size when performing exercises to help you with a particular or specific sport. This type of exercise equipment offers you a great deal more flexibility than just about any other kind. Bear in mind, that there are many different fitness tubes in the market today. However, the two premier companies are Bodylastic and Fitlastics.

These are two of the most popular and competitive brands. Let’s look at which between these two brands can offer the best product, and training program.

Bodylastics versus Fitlastics
Which Is Best?

Bodylastics is offering resistance band systems, which can stand toe to toe with large bulky machines.

Their resistance bands offer the smoothest resistance. When the Bodylastics System was developed, the makers researched for the smoothest resistance source on earth and it is the elastic resistance tubing. Aside from the smoothness when stretched, it is unbelievably flexible and light as well. This means you can store it easily and don't need a great deal of room to workout in.

Bodylastics made their resistance bands with the needs of their customers in mind.

They made sure their products would allow users of different strength levels to obtain the best and most satisfying results possible. This is why they created the Bodylastics Quick Clip System. Their elastics are equipped with heavy-duty aluminum clips secure at both endsBodylastics clips making them easily attachable to ankle straps and handles. The design is very simple yet effective, giving the users with the ability of generating 15 to more than 330 pounds of tension.

When it comes to pricing, Bodylastics are not much more than Fit-lastics.

The biggest difference between the two companies i.e. Bodylastics versus Fitlastics is that Bodylastic offers a "lifetime defects warranty" and Fitlastics doesn't. This means that the customer will get replacement of the product in case it breaks or snaps based on the conditions provided by the manufacturer. Furthermore, Bodylastics offers all its customers free access to the Bodylastics Strength Band University. This is a video training website that they give you when you purchase any of the Bodylastics systems. In addition to that, they also include a complete training manual as well as access to their live streaming workout on the web.

The company provides this major advantage you.

You will have a complete training program and do not need to spend any more money other than the purchase of one of their sets of resistance bands. Keep in mind, that each of their Bodylastic kits allows you to perform more than 141 health club type exercises – all in the comfort and convenience of your home, dorm room, or apartment.

All the systems are easily transportable… you can take them with you on vacation or holiday trips.

No needs to spend money going to the gym you essentially have a "Gym in a Bag."

Bodylastics Versus Fitlastics – Conclusions

On the other hand, Fitlastics is initially somewhat cheaper however; they don't provide you with all the attachments or the lifetime defects warranty. Their training program is very limited.
When choosing between Bodylastics versus Fitlastics, make sure you focus on what's important. It's not the product itself, it's a combination of their training program, there warranty and last but not least their pricing. If one product is a few dollars more but offers you a better training program, videos, and a complete replacement warranty – then it deserves your consideration.

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