Bodylastics vs Ripcords
Unbiased Resistance Bands Comparison

If you're having trouble choosing between the Bodylastics vs Ripcords resistance bands, then you should continue reading this article.

In this article, you will discover the top 3 factors that you must know about when trying to decide between these two portable gym products. The reason that I have chosen to compare these two companies is because Ripcord is one of the leading alternatives to Bodylastics.

Please Note: This is only a REVIEW and comparison of these two home gyms if you wish to visit the official Bodylastics website please Click Here

Bodylastics vs Ripcords

Bodylastics vs Ripcords

What follows are the three critical components to keep in mind at all times when making comparisons of fitness tubes and to help you decide which are better.

1. Price Difference

2. What Equipment Is Included In the Different Training Packages

3. Amount of Tension Or Weight Each Offers

First, let's discuss the difference in prices between these two exercise resistance band home gyms. Since almost everyone is on some sort of budget, you should consider this point to be the most important thing you should keep in mind when choosing Bodylastics vs Ripcords.

Their basic beginner package starts out at $38.

All that's included is the fitness tubes with the handles already attached. If you decide to buy the DVD as a package, it will cost you just under $50. This set offers you up to 30 pounds of tension.

Meanwhile, the Body Elastic resistance bands home gym (as some people refer to it), which cost the same amount comes with many similar items. However, it provides you with more flexibility and greater resistance levels up to 88 pounds. Keep reading because I will get into more specifics about tension levels later on in this article.

Bodylastics vs Ripcords -What You Get for Your Money

The next thing I'd like to discuss is what fitness equipment with the different packages that the companies offer. Your basic Ripcords are offered with just the tubing and as a combo with the DVD, which of course you have to pay for. There also two other packages that are essentially the same except for that they provide you with additional tubes for greater resistance.

Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks of the Ripcords system is that you can only use one band with each handle.

With the other company multiple bands (more than seven I believe) can be easily attached to one handle. This makes it easier to workout, less expensive overall and takes up less room in your suitcase if you are traveling. Resistance bands are truly a portable home gym machine.

When comparing most of the exercise bands packages it seems that you will get greater resistance, training support through the use of online video, and ease-of-use with the Bodylastics bands.

The last piece of information that we should discuss is the exact amount of resistance you get with each of the sets.

Bear in mind, that with both brands you will be able to perform varying amounts of health club quality exercises. In addition, they both offer a lifetime replacement guarantee, a door hook or door attachment, and there is a circuit training DVD that you can purchase separately.

However, only Bodylastics offers you the ankle straps or leg straps as they're sometimes referred to, which you can use to perform many different leg exercises. This little attachment is great for both men and women.

Developing shapely muscle in your legs applies to both sexes.

Before I forget, keep in mind that both companies do offer a money back guarantee and they're both great for performing a circuit training routine. Which is comparable to doing a cardiovascular workout on a treadmill. Many bodybuilders use fitness tubes as part of their bodybuilding workout program. The tension that this equipment provides is completely different than that of free weights or dumbbells. It has often been called "Dynamic Tension" because as you perform the exercise the amount of resistance increases throughout the movement.

So let's discuss the Bodylastics vs Ripcords home gyms tension levels.

ripcords power tension 6 pack

Ripcords Resistance Bands

Unfortunately, there is no indication as to how many exercises you can perform with this home gym.

Because it lacks the ankle straps I would imagine that's not up to 140 health club quality exercises more than likely around 70 or 80. Being able to perform a great deal of exercises is important to avoid muscle plateaus and boring repetitive exercise programs.

This unfortunately in my opinion is a big drawback!

  • Low End: 3-30 Lbs. (Intermediate Tension 4 Pack)
  • Middle: 3-42 Lbs. (Power Tension 5 Pack)
  • High: 3-82 Lbs. (Power Tension 6 Pack)

Let's continue with this comparison of Bodylastics vs Ripcords

Bodylastics home gyms

Bodylastics Resistance Bands

You can perform more than 140 health club quality exercises with all their systems.

  • Low End: 5 to 88 Lbs. (Basic Tension Set)
  • Middle: 5 to 134 Lbs. (Max Tension Set)
  • High: 5 to 254 Lbs. (Super Strong Man Edition formally the TO Bodylastics system. Terrell Owens is no longer associated with this product or the company.)
  • Super High: 5 to 388 pounds (Mega Resistance Edition)

In this Bodylastics review we have compared the amount of resistance, the ease of use because of its ability to attach multiple bands to one handle, the online video training available at Strength Band University, and of course the price consideration, it's clear to see that the in the Ripcords vs Bodylastics comparison, that Bodylastics appears to be the better choice.

However, you will need to decide on your own if Bodylastics better than Ripcords as an effective piece of exercise equipment.

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