Bowflex Exercises

Discover the Best Bow flex Exercises

What Are the Best Bowflex Exercises?

There are so many Bowflex exercises that you can do but which are the best. In this article you will discover some of the best exercises that you can perform with your Bowflex home gym.

Most of them are very easy to perform

Other than the Total Gym, Bowflex strength equipment is the most well liked home gym sold today, based on annual sales. Nautilus, the company that owns Bowflex, offers many different types of exercise equipment and a variety of fitness products that can meet just about any individual's needs.

In order to keep on top of the bodybuilding and fitness industry they have recently introduced such products as the Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells and the treadclimber.

For many years they have had a stellar reputation, although, many years back there was a major recall of many of their home gyms. The problem was with the lat attachment, it would collapse as you worked out with it.

Since then Bowflex has purchased the company that manufactured their products and has instituted high standards of quality control in the manufacturing process. Consequently, Bowflex has become the most popular piece of home exercise equipment in most American and Canadian households.

Perhaps you are considering purchasing a Bowflex or already own one. In either case, here is a list of some of the top of Bowflex exercises, which can be done in the comfort, and convenience of your home and in just a few minutes.

Best Bowflex Exercises

1. Back and Chest Workout -

This is a push & pull training session. The advantage of the Bowflex home gym is that you can quickly move from one exercise to another. It is easy to use the principle of super sets. This allows you to workout quicker and has a better effect on fat burning. For the chest, the two best exercises are the incline chest press and chest fly. For your back, a lat pull down using the lat bar attachment, and bent over one arm rows will quickly give you a V tapered back.

2. Shoulders, Biceps and Triceps -

Everyone wants to show off his or her ripped arms this summer. Therefore, for your arms you want to target both your biceps and triceps. The best exercises for these muscles are the standing bicep curl and triceps extension. Use a strict form when working out your biceps in order to get the maximum peak on the bicep muscle. Since the triceps muscle is much bigger than your biceps, you will get the fastest size gains by focusing on training this muscle as hard as you do your biceps

We have shared with you what we consider the best Bowflex exercises. Begin applying these exercises in your Bowflex workouts and in no time, at all you will have the body that you want and deserve!

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