Build Bigger Muscle -
6 Proven Strategies That
Build Bigger Muscles Fast!

I have a confession to make... I am still looking to build bigger muscle size.

I guess that's all of us, but I have discovered the top 5 secrets that the natural bodybuilders use to get more mass. To build big muscles you must shock your body into growth. What follows are some proven strategies that will work for you as they have for me and others.

1-- To build large muscles you must train heavy:

Forget the machines. You must concentrate on free weights and stick to the mass building exercises. Flat bench press, standing overhead presses, bicep curls, bent over rows, dead lifts and squats.

Those exercises are critical to build a strong foundation for big muscle size.

After a while your muscles will become used to these exercises and will no longer respond by growing more muscle mass. This is called “Plateauing.”

To prevent plateau’s you must change up your exercise program every 4 weeks.

All you need to do is to change your workout. Try different exercises. It will shock your body and cause it to respond by developing more muscle mass.

This will be a shock to the body, causing these new exercises to be more effective.

Thus helping you build big muscle more effectively.

If you are a beginner, you must work on your these exercises before moving onto an advanced training program. Your body must first become used to this workout.

Here’s what you MUST do before starting any workout!

2 – Proper Warm up:

This one is critical. I can’t emphasize it enough. Lack of a proper workout can and will lead to injury, muscle fatigue and lack of muscle growth.

Spend about 5 minutes warming up. I usually do some walking on the treadmill to get a sweat going.

3 -- Build Bigger Muscle Mass:

In order to get more muscle mass you must use heavy weights and or a lot of resistance. The resistance MUST challenge you on every workout.

The rep range should be between 8 to 10. As soon as you can do 10 reps… add more weight. You must push your self in every set.

You will be going to failure on every set. If you can get a training partner or have someone “spot” you… your results will come even faster.

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