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Build Muscle Fast

After you find the best training routine what do you do next to build muscle fast?

One of the most important components in muscle building is nutrition... more importantly protein.

Protein Is Critical to Build Muscle Fast


Many bodybuilders and when I use the term bodybuilder I use it in the truest sense of the word, "someone that is building his or her body"... know of the importance of tuna fish in their diet.

Recently, news came out regarding the muscle building benefits of omega-3 fatty acids i.e. enhanced fat loss, muscle growth and joint recovery. Suddenly salmon, the fish with the richest source of omega-3 fatty acids was nudging out Charlie the tuna for leadership.

If you were to choose one fish which would it be? Aside from personal taste preference.

Here's the facts:

  • Per 3 ounce can of light tuna has fewer calories, less total fat and more protein than fresh salmon.

  • It's also a little richer in critical amino acids, like BCCAs, arginine, and glutamine.

  • Fresh salmon however is much richer in omega-3 fatty acids, more than 7 times the amount of tuna!

  • Fresh salmon also contains more than twice the vitamin b6 and slightly more vitamin b12.

Fish Is Loaded with Muscle Building
and Nutritional Benefits

So the question now becomes not... WHICH fish to eat but... WHEN!

For meals before and after a workout the best choice is tuna. Why??

  • Greater protein content

  • Lower fat levels insure delivery of critical amino acids.

Eating salmon around workout time is a bad idea. The healthy fats slow down the digestion process of the muscle building proteins.

Still I like to get in 2 to 3 meals a week... on rest days, of salmon. Or at worst eat my salmon meal but, not work out till 4 hours later.

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