Building Muscle...
A Breakthrough Strategy

“Everything You Need To Know About Building Muscles And Strength”

A few years ago, I learned about a unique concept for natural bodybuilding. This training protocol is called "High Frequency Training" (HFT).

What is HFT?

Well HFT is a protocol in which you train a muscle group more than four times each week. And since all workouts in this system are total body, that’s means you’ll be training 5 times per week.

Unfortunately HFT plans are not easy!

Once you start training using HFT a few things will happen.

  1. Muscle Soreness: You will find yourself extremely sore! Fortunately the soreness will subside after the first week. (That’s because you’re forcing your muscles to recover quicker.)

  2. Hunger: You’ll be hungry almost all the time. HFT programs break down a lot of muscle tissue so your body will send signals to your brain that it needs plenty of nutrients.

  3. Muscle Transformation: Your body will transform faster than you ever thought possible. The amazing thing about this muscle building protocol is that it stresses the muscles in a way no other training protocol can.

Essentially using the HFT protocol you'll be doing fewer sets per workout then if you trained 2 times a week... but you'll be doing more volume by training the muscles more frequently.

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