Bully Xtreme Review

An Unbiased Review
from an User/Owner

Why did the Bully Xtreme, since its initial launch over 5 years ago-- take the Isometric exercise and Bullworker community by storm?

That's the question I asked myself.

Bully Xtreme review

You see as a personal trainer and bodybuilder I have used Isometrics in the training programs that I use with my clients and even in my own training routine for many years.

Like many others I found that a combination of training protocols provides the best results. This principle is called cross training.

And that's really what "muscle confusion" is all about.

Isometrics Alone Is NOT Enough

Just Isometrics alone is insufficient to produce muscle shape and muscularity, but there is no denying the amazing strength building benefits of Isometrics.

The problem in the past with doing "Traditional" Isometrics was/is that there is no real way to measure your growing strength gains. Of course using only your own current strength the muscle building results are extremely limited.

That's why the need for an Isometric exerciser.

Ok... ok enough already about training protocols.

Frank Sherrill, the creator of the Bully Xtreme has put together an amazing training program based on a breakthrough training program that he calls "ISO-SYNERGY."

I received a "draft" of the new training protocol and based on my 20 plus years in the bodybuilding field, I must say that it makes total sense. if any healthy teenager or adult will follow this plan as laid out they will completely surprise themselves by the muscle building results that they will quickly get.

Not only does this training program utilize isometrics but it also incorporates other scientifically and time proven exercise principles that work.

Here's My Unbiased Opinion

I was expecting a typical bench and some kind of weights or resistance rods/tubes. This home gym is far from that. I was also expecting a crazy price tag.

Listen up: You see this Home Gym is a revolutionary and breakthrough exercise device that replaces:

  • dumbbells
  • cables
  • resistance bands
  • Chest Expanders
  • and to some extent even a Bowflex home gym.

Basically it looks like an isometric workout bar measuring about 34 to 35 inches and only weights about 4 pounds.

It's one convenient and portable home gym and I quickly found myself being able to perform more than 82 muscle building, result getting exercises.

I know what you are saying right now—"Sure Robert, if this Bully Xtreme is so good why have I not heard about it before?"

That's the same question I asked myself.

You see the Bully Xtreme is a radical redesign of an old patent that had expired. Frank Sherrill, the designer took the best elements of this old expired exerciser and completely changed the original design.

He took his years of experience in the bodybuilding field and applied it to re-create a portable and inexpensive home gym that any one-- any age can use.

The thing about the Bully is that it looks so simple that you might just over look its true muscle building, fat shedding and strength building ability.

I hope by now I have you are at least curious about this "Bully" isometric exercise equipment thing!

Well let me fill in the missing pieces. In fact one of the first things that Mr. Sherrill says he did was completely revamped and modernized the training program.

You see the Bully Xtreme uses what Mr. Sherrill calls "ISO-SYNERGY" to get you-- amazing results.

On his web site he has tons of success stories from customers that have gotten incredible results using the Bully Xtreme muscle building and fat loss program.

Here's what I saw as the PROS:

  1. Convenient and Portable Home Gym - It weights less than 4 pounds and fits just about anywhere. You can even hang it on your door hook.

  2. You Might Just Never Get Bored - Offers more than 82 health club type exercises. 29 of them you can do while seated in front of the TV watching your favorite movie ot television show.

  3. Incredible Bonuses - Over 30 different bonuses to help you achieve your fitness goals. A nutrition guide, training manual, exercise videos and much, much more!

  4. FREE Training Software - Included are some nifty pieces of software that allow you to track your workouts, check your body fat measurements, create tasty menus and much more. Mr. Sherrill really put some thought into this program.

  5. Membership Club - You get free membership to the owners group. Lots of free information and un-advertised downloads are found there (honestly, I don't know why he doesn't charge for this valuable resource.)

  6. Customer Support - They provide great support system although it does take awhile for them to respond. (UPDATE: This issue has been resolved since they hired a customer support manager.)

  7. Life-Time Limited Warranty - The Bully comes with a life-time defects warranty. This is very unique since most manufacturers of exercise equipment don't offer this.

  8. FREE In Home Trial - They even let you try if FREE for 120 days.

  9. Money Back Guarantee - With the introduction of the updated Bully Xtreme 4, they now offer you a full 4 months money back guarantee. I personally think this is insane, but hey I really feel like I have nothing to lose and they are confident in their product.

  10. Personalized Coaching - Recently, they have included customized and personalized coaching that's available to all their customers.

    All you have to do is sign up at the no-cost Bully Xtreme owners website and post whatever problems, concerns, or whatever you want and one of their professional fitness support people will help you solve whatever obstacle you're facing.

And by the way the coaching service is absolutely at no charge for 90 days.

Bully Xtreme 4

Here's What I Didn't Care for:

  1. Stiff Resistance - While the Bully has very strong resistance it is; at least initially, a bit "stiff." I emailed the company and they recommended that I "just spray some silicone spray on it." After 30 days of working out with it, this is no longer any issue.

  2. Cables - The unit itself is well built but on some of the exercises the cables did press into my hands a bot. So I dug up my old workout gloves and that took care of the problem.

  3. Nutrition & Fat-Loss eBook - The fat loss manual is chuck full of good information about fat loss, nutrition and specifically when and how to eat, but at a 179 pages... I wish it were a printed manual rather than a downloadable eBook.

  4. Downloading Issue - I did have a little bit of problem downloading the tons of gifts and bonuses that come with the Bully Xtreme, but then again I have a MAC and that is a constant problem in a WINDOWS world.

In conclusion the Bully Xtreme is a VERY well built unit.

Click here ==> Official Bully website

Unlike some of it's competitors it is not made of plastic, but is a quality steel design. It's a 3 tube design which makes it easier to develop a symmetrical body.

Any isometric exerciser that is consists of a two tube design is outdated and is similar to the old Tensolator that was created back in the 1970s.

The price is very reasonable and what you get with the Bully-- as many others have said before-- is an incredible amount of training and motivational support material.

Adding the the additional added resistance, the personalized coaching, and the incredible "ISO-SYNERGY" training program, the Bully Xtreme is hands down a WINNER!

To try the Bully Xtreme FREE for 120 days click the link below:

FREE Trial Of The Bully Home Gym