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Do Bodylastics Work?

Here's the Truth about Bodylastics!

Do Bodylastics work?

Do Bodylastics Work

That's the question I asked myself. You see, perhaps like you, I was looking for an affordable home gym. My apartment isn't that big and I don't have a lot of money to spend on exercise equipment.

So, I looked around for affordable home exercise equipment and what I discovered may just shock the heck out of you!

In this article I'm going to reveal to you some of the things that I found out about this resistance bands home gym.

Perhaps like many of you I went on the Internet and "googled" ... Do Bodylastics Work.

To my amazement there weren't that many reviews, that's one of the reasons I decided to create this article. But more about that later.

Are you familiar with the Bodylastic resistance bands?

Then let me start off by telling you that not all exercise or resistance bands are the same. Bodylastics were created by Blake Kassel. He created these resistance bands in 1998.

Like many of us he wanted to get in shape but, didn't want to spend the money that it costs to purchase a Bowflex, Total Gym, free weight machines or at that time Soloflex home gym.

And so the Bodylastic home gym was born. But, back to your question... "Do Bodylastics Work ?"

The answer is yes. Whether you are thinking about using the P90X training program or you are just looking for a cost-effective, portable home gym then, Bodylastic is for you.

They currently offer 3 different training systems for you to choose from. Although they don't term it this way I prefer to call it the -- beginner, intermediate, and advanced programs.

They range in resistance levels from as little as 5 pounds to about 250 pounds of resistance. More than enough for the toughest bodybuilder yet friendly enough for anyone who has not exercised for a while or has never exercised.

In my opinion, for under $50 they do just about everything that a Bowflex or Total Gym can do. Just the shipping charges with a Bowflex or a Total Gym are almost $150.00!

bodylastics resistance bands

By the way they also include online video training at their membership site called -- Strength Bands University.

Everyone that buys a Bodylastics system gets access to these online videos of over 140 health club quality exercises for a minimum of one year.

(The new Bodylastics Terrell Owens Strong Man edition exercise bands give you lifetime access to the online videos at Strength University.)

There are many benefits to resistance exercise bands training. If you haven't tried using resistance bands or exercise bands then you should look into them.

Some of the top 3 advantages, right off the top of my head are:

  1. Portable You Can Take Them Anywhere -- no problems getting through airport security either.

  2. Very Inexpensive -- typically free weights cost about one dollar a pound. Adjustable dumbbells like the Bowflex Selecttech can run you approximately $4-$5 per pound.

  3. Quick and Easy -- changing resistance with exercise bands is much easier than with adjustable dumbbells or free weights. Just grab a resistance band and attach it to the handle and you're done. This makes them ideal for anyone any age to workout with.

There are some additional benefits to the Bodylastics system, they are:

  • LIFETIME DEFECTS WARRANTY on the resistance bands

  • Complete 70 page training book which illustrates 120 of the more thaen 140 gym like exercises

  • Comfortable foam handles that can accommodate up to 7 resistance bands so you can use it just like good set of adjustable dumbbells.

So, whatever resistance bands you purchase please consider using resistance bands or exercise bands as part of your training program. They are truly poor man's gym but, will give you rich man's results.

So do Bodylastics Work ? The answer is YES!

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