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Does The ISO7X Work?

Truth about Isometric
Exercise Equipment

Perhaps like a lot of guys you may be asking yourself "does the ISO7X work?"

does the iso7x work

No doubt you have seen the television commercial promoting the idea that just a 7 second isometric exercise is enough to get you ripped and muscular.

does ISO7X work

However, is this really true?

In this article we will discuss exactly how this 7 second exercise called isometrics can help you get stronger and more powerful without hardly any investment of time.

We will also discuss and look into the possibility of a "ISO7X scam." And then finally we will discuss what kind of training program they provide you that will get you the results claimed in their advertising.

Let's get started with the first most common question about this piece of isometric exercise equipment.

Does The ISO7X Work
To Get You Ripped?

1. Can 7 second exercises really get me a ripped body, as advertised?

This is a great question and it's this claim that makes most people are skeptical about this product.

Getting ripped abs is not really about exercise and workout, as much as it is about dieting. Even if you workout everyday, without a proper diet any exercise program is completely useless.

While isometrics will help you sculpt your body, you will need to help it along by eating right and performing cardiovascular exercise.

However, keep in mind that Isometrics has been around for hundreds of years. Many martial artists, such as Bruce Lee , Chuck Norris, Jet Li, Jackie Chan and others have used it.

While on its own isometrics will not get you huge muscles, it will help you build incredible strength.

It's a great addition to any bodybuilding workout and it's one of the few scientifically validated exercise protocols.

In 1950s studies were conducted to determine the effects of isometric exercise. Two, now famous doctors at the Max Planck Institute in Germany published a study that showed that isometrics was responsible for a 300% gain in muscular strength in less than 30 days simply by using a 6 or 7 second isometric hold.

Consequently, there is no doubt that isometric exercise works however, does the ISO7X work? Let's explore that in greater detail in question number two.

2. Are there better isometric exercisers than the ISO 7X on the market?

Many people see the commercial and ask themselves the same question. The truth is, the 7X is just an upgraded version of an old product named the Tensolator.

Which was later on changed to a different name. Today, the improved version of this product is called the Bully Xtreme or the Bullworker classic.

These two products are similar however, they do have some major differences.

For example, the ISO 7X only offers a warrantee for 30 days.

The Bullworker offers a manufactures defects warranty for five years and the Bully Xtreme 4 offers a "lifetime defects warranty." The 7X uses straps and both the Bullworker classic and the Bully Xtreme use steel cables.

While there is a small difference in price between the products clearly the Bully Xtreme is the better built model in our opinion, because the seller of the product is willing to warranty it against manufactures defects for the lifetime of the original owner.

3. Does it provide an effective training and fitness program?

This is one the best that questions we have heard. As mentioned above, getting ripped is really about the equipment or the training program.

Having six pack abs and muscular definition is all about your diet. The 7X workout program is the same one that was promoted with the Tensolator back in the 1970s.

It's nothing new or revolutionary. The Bully Xtreme 4 has a much better training program than the other two products and a better warranty as noted earlier.

Each exercise lasts only 7 seconds and then you move to the next one. So you get a full workout in under 4 minutes.

In closing, many people have asked questions regarding "does the ISO7X work." Yes, isometrics has been proven to work however, before you go and spend your hard-earned cash on the iso-7X, check out the competition you may just find a product that works better.

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