Isometric Workouts -- The Truth Revealed!

Perhaps you have not heard of isometrics or isometric workouts.

And you might be asking yourself is there any real benefit to an iso work out? In this article I will layout the bare truth. Read it and then you decide if you should include isometrics as part of your workout program.

A Quick History of Isometrics

Isometrics or iso's has been around for centuries. The earliest instance of the use of isometrics was in yoga and Chinese martial arts. Even today isometric workouts are still part of yoga and most if not all martial arts training.

In fact, Pilates which has become the rage for women today, utilizes isometric exercise as part of its training protocol.

Isometrics is probably one of the few exercise techniques that has been scientifically validated.

Back in the 1950s, at the Max plank Institute; Dr. Hettinger and Dr. Mueller conducted scientific research into the field of isometrics. In their scientifically published paper, they documented evidence that conclusively proved that isometrics can increase strength by as much as 300% in less than 30 days!

Isometric Workouts

Iso's, if you're not familiar with them; are performed using a static contraction. There is no dynamic movement or range of motion utilized. It involves a static contraction of the muscle without any visible movement in the joint or the angle of the exercise.

Isometric work outs have been utilized by many famous individuals in the bodybuilding world.

Charles Atlas in his famous "Dynamic Tension" course utilized isometrics. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the governor of California and movie star legend; utilized isometrics in his workout program.

In recent years isometric workouts have made a huge comeback.(Although in the field of rehabilitation therapy isometrics have been used exclusively because of the fact that no weight is required.)

So by now I hope I have at least tweaked your curiosity about how you can use isometric exercise in your workouts.

The most effective way to use isometrics is by utilizing isometric exercise equipment. Dr. Hittinger and Dr. Mueller both utilized isometric exercise equipment to measure strength gains.

Recently, a new isometric exercise device has been introduced that allows you to perform many more exercises than free hand isometrics. In addition, this isometric exerciser allows you to also train using Isotonics

Isotonics if you are not familiar with the term is the traditional way that most people train today. In other words, you perform so many repetitions of each exercise for so many sets.

The benefit of this type training has also been documented.

Utilizing both isometric workouts and isotonic workouts is your best way of quickly increasing your strength and muscle size.

I recently came upon an isometric exercise device that meets all the criteria for gaining strength and muscle size. It's called the -- Bully Xtreme.

This isometric exercise device is low in cost and it offers more than 82 health club quality exercises... as well as the ability to measure your strength gains.

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If you're not using isometric exercise as part of your workout that I hope I got you motivated to at least consider it.

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