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Muscle Confusion P90X
The Truth Revealed

Is There a Muscle Confusion Myth?

It seems you can't go anywhere today without hearing about the... Muscle confusion P90X Workout.

muscle confusion P90 X Schwarzenegger

[muscle confusion was one of the many principles that Arnold Schwarzenegger used in his bodybuilding program.]

Well, it's not surprising based on the amount of money Beachbody spends on television advertising each year. They are in the top 10 of all infomercial advertisers.

So, the question begs to be asked... "is it all hype or does the muscle confusion P90X workout really work?"

The answer may surprise you!

The truth of the matter is that the muscle confusion principle does work. It's not a new training concept or workout protocol. Although, I cannot exactly trace who discovered it.

I do know that Joe Weider was one of the first pioneers in the bodybuilding industry to catalog this and other proven training principles. (These training principles he later named... "The Joe Weider Training Principles."

How Does Muscle Confusion P90X Work

In a nutshell... "The P90X system is a 90-day workout routine that utilizes a technique called "Muscle Confusion" which requires changing exercises over the days and weeks. So that the body has difficulty adapting and prevents exercise plateauing.

The system includes strength training, cardio, yoga and stretching. Notably, in addition to pull-up and push-up workouts, the power 90 extreme system that celebrity personal trainer Tony Horton created, also stresses overall body fitness by including plyometrics (jump training), yoga, and kenpo."

There are many different ways to use muscle confusion as part of your P90X workout program. In addition, to what the training and nutrition manual indicate.

Here are just some ideas on how to increase your muscle growth using (MC):

  • Change the type of equipment used - You can the one workout use resistance bands in the next workout changed to dumbbells. One workout you can do pull ups the next workout you can use resistance bands to do the same exercise.

  • Change the exercises you perform - While this is not possible if you're doing the P90X workout, but once you have moved on to doing your own workouts you can change the type of exercises. For example, if you're doing incline dumbbell presses... you can also perform incline bench presses or use a hammer strength incline machine if you have one at your gym.

  • Change the amount of rest between exercises - This is an old trick to getting more intensity of your workout. If you normally rest for two minutes between exercises, reduce it to one minute.

Using muscle confusion the P90X way, is an excellent training system. Remember, the P90X training routine is designed to get you ripped... not necessarily to increase your muscle size.

Once you achieve your P90X goals you may want to change your workout program and include other training principles to further your bodybuilding goals.

P90X Resistance Bands

As I mentioned earlier, one way to apply the muscle confusion principle to your P90X workout routine is to change the type of equipment used. I recently did a review of the P90X resistance bands. The actual name for these bands is the ... "B - lines resistance bands."

Well, I don't believe that these resistance bands are horrible... I do believe that there are better bands on the market today.

Here are just a few things that I DON'T LIKE about the P90X resistance bands:

  1. You can not attach multiple bands to the handle. This is actually very limiting in that you are stuck to the resistance of that one band. If you can attach multiple bands as in the Bodylastics system (you can attach up to seven bands to one handle) you can increase the resistance like an adjustable dumbbells.

  2. No warranty on the resistance bands if they break.

  3. They don't include a door attachment. The door attachment allows you to use the resistance bands like a LAT pull down machine or cable machine.

These are the main reasons that I prefer Bodylastics over the P90X resistance bands.make sure to apply as many of these principles as you can in your muscle confusion P90X workout!

For more information about Bodylastics please click on the image below.

muscle confusion

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