P90X Resistance Bands
Pros And Cons

If you are interested in learning more about the P90X resistance bands, then take a seat and spend a few minutes reading this brief review.

p90x resistance bands

In the next few paragraphs, we're going to be discussing some of the advantages and disadvantages of the P90X resistance bands.

By the way, Beachbody the company that sells these fitness tubes also markets them under the name the B lines resistance bands. Please bear that in mind as you read this article because we will interchange both names.

In case you're considering doing the power 90 extreme work out and are trying to decide whether you should purchase dumbbells or fitness tubing, then this article will help you in making that decision as well.

So first, let's discuss some of the advantages of the Beachbody bands:

1. Can be used for the P90 X workout or any other at home training.

2. The tension it provides is very small so it's great for beginners

3. They are fairly inexpensive

4. Like all fitness tubes that are completely portable

5. They don't take up a lot of space

Here are some of the disadvantages or the stuff we don't like:

1. They offer two different sets, which don't offer a great deal of tension levels.

2. The product does not come with any defects or replacement warranty.

3. Unfortunately, you can't add multiple bands to the handles.

4. Their two most popular sets only come with three bands or tubes.

While the product itself is of good quality unfortunately, it lacks some of the characteristics that you want to have in a quality set of resistance tubes.

For example, while the product is modestly priced it does not include a door anchor. The door anchor or door attachment allows you to attach the bands to a fence or door.

In this way, you can perform additional exercises in many cases just like a expensive lat machine at a gym.

Without it, you are limited to only a handful of exercise movements. One way around this is to purchase a pull up bar and then you can throw the two over the pull up bar and in this fashion perform some additional exercises.

Nonetheless, this is still not as effective as having a door attachment and this is a real big thing that we DON'T like about the P90X resistance bands.

The other major disadvantage to this product offers is that it does not have any type of replacement or defects warranty. Other than the 30 day money back guarantee you happen to be pretty much left on your own.

This is really important because when you purchase fitness tubes like any other product you would want them to last for a while.

However, when it comes to elastic bands as you probably already know, after a while it loses its elasticity or tensile strength. So from repeated use you are actually getting less tension than when the product was brand-new. Some of the better manufactures will replace the product if it should ever lose its tensile strength, snap or even break.

Typically, they do this without any additional charge although sometimes they may charge you a small amount of money for shipping and handling.

In any case this is still cheaper than having to buy a brand-new set of fitness tubes.

Whether you choose to use hand weights or the P90X resistance bands for your power 90 extreme work out or any other type of exercise program, keep these tips in mind so that you get your money's worth.

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