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An Honest P90X Review

Unless you're the GEICO caveman, chances are you've heard about P90X.

How couldn't you, that darn infomercial is playing on all the TV stations.What makes the P90X unique is the fact that it doesn't require any expensive home gym equipment, just a good quality set of resistance bands or dumbbells, a chin up bar, and perhaps some push up stands or a perfect push-up.

In this P90X review I'll be sharing with you the pros and cons of the Power 90 Extreme system (that's its real name.)

First, let me share with you what you get with the P90X system.

Three training manuals, the P90X three-phase nutrition program, fitness guide, and an overview video called "How to Bring It."

The meat and potatoes, as it were, of the program are the 12 videos.

Five of the videos are for strength training. While the others focus on cardio, yoga, stretching, plyometrics and the Ab Ripper workout.

You also get some free tools to help you stay motivated with the P90X workout.

  • Free Online Support Tools- (Very limited, if you want real support, you have to pay for it.)

  • P90X Calendar

P90X ripped abs

This program is billed as an extreme workout. Its predecessor, the Power 90 program is much easier to do, and focuses less on strength building.

But, don't take this program lightly, this is a serious workout that you'll perform for an hour a day, six days per week. The goal of the program is to get you lean and ripped in 90 days, and it seems that people are achieving this goal.

P90X Review - What's It Going To Cost Me?

If you're a beginner, this program may be a little bit too much. It's not cheap.

The program sells for $139.80 including shipping and handling, but you still need to purchase resistance bands, which is another 50 bucks.

You need a chin up bar, $50, and perhaps push up stands or perfect push-ups, another $40.

In total that comes to almost $300 that you will spend just to get started.

If you decide you want to use dumbbells, that's a pricey matter. A set of Bowflex Select Tech dumbbells are close to $500.

So if you're looking to get ripped in 90 days with P90X, it's going to cost you!

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells

[Click On Image Above For more information about the Bowflex selectTech 552 Dumbbells]

P90X Review - What's a better Solution?

Personally, I believe that you could do better with a Bully Xtreme or a quality set of resistance bands like Bodylastics.

The Bully Xtreme is a Bullworker Alternative. It offers a similar program to the P90X but, for a lot less money

So, instead of laying out 300 bucks for the P90X, you get a complete home gym that allows you to perform up to 82 health club quality type exercises in the comfort and convenience of your home.

The Bully Xtreme 90 day program comes with:

  1. Online Support

  2. Meal Planning Software

  3. Online Training Videos

  4. Step-By-Step Training Manual

  5. Six Pack Ab Specialization Program

  6. And Much Much More

What is the Bully Xtreme, you might ask?

The Bully Xtreme is a revolutionary home gym that offers more than 82 health club quality exercises and resistance levels from 5 to 600 pounds.

Its breakthrough training program, Iso-Synergy is based on the most advanced training protocols available today.

It incorporates Muscle Confusion, Super Setting, Post Isometric Contractions, and many more that are easily explained to you, in the videos and training manuals.

The nice part about the Bully Xtreme, is that any one any age, any level of fitness can begin using it right away.

There's nothing to assemble, it comes ready to use right out of box.

It's not only at home gym, it's an education in nutrition, fat loss, and building a lean ripped physique.

I hope my P90X review has been helpfull.

If you would like more information about The Bully Xtreme Home Gym


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