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P90X Workout Equipment Alternatives Can Save You Money

On this page will discover some P90X workout equipment alternatives. These ideas and tips will help you save money and time in determining exactly what is the required fitness equipment.

The P90X work-out can be considered an extreme exercise program.

P90X workout equipment alternatives

It's an at home workout routine which includes 12 DVDs, a nutrition manual, sample eating plans as well as a 90 day calendar that helps to guide you through the fitness routine. The program was designed by celebrity personal trainer Tony Horton for the Beachbody company.

The program is designed to help you lose weight while building/maintaining muscle size. There are many customer reviews online that indicate that the workout – if followed faithfully – gets results. However, besides the videos you will need to purchase additional fitness equipment to perform these routines.

In this article, we will give you some P90X workout equipment alternatives that will help you save some money.

What makes P90X work is what many people have called the "Muscle Confusion Secret."

This is an exercise protocol that requires you to change the variety of exercises as well as the exercise routine every 5 to 6 weeks.

This Concept Is Called
"Muscle Confusion."

According to bodybuilding.com using muscle confusion allows you to breakthrough what has been termed the "plateau effect." The plateau effect usually happens after you have been doing the same workout routine for a prolonged period of time. The muscles and the body adapts to the stress of the workout and stops responding.

The program focuses on three strength training workouts per week and 3 cardio & flexibility routines..

To perform these workouts you'll need certain pieces of fitness equipment and if you have the budget you will also want to include protein and creatine supplements. Making sure that you take in enough protein will help you to build muscle. If you're a woman this workout along with the proper diet will help you to sculpt lean muscle and reshape your body.

P90X Workout Equipment Alternatives

You can use a good quality set of resistance bands or fixed weight dumbbells.

For this fitness program you'll need dumbbells or resistance bands, a pull up bar and perhaps a yoga mat. However, if you're looking to save some money you can get all the P90 X required equipment by using some of the alternatives mentioned in this article.

P90X Pullup Bar
Is This a Required Piece of Equipment?

Because of the demand for upper body strength in the P90 X program pull-ups or chin-ups are used heavily to help train your lats, upper back and biceps. But, many women as well as men lack this type of strength. To perform even a single pull up or chin up is very difficult.

One alternative that will save you both time and money is to use resistance bands to perform the pull-up exercise. By simply attaching the resistance bands to a sturdy object above your head and pulling downwards towards your upper chest you can perform a LAT pull down exercise. This is the exact same exercise as a wide grip pull-up however, you can adjust the resistance to your current strength levels.

This is something you cannot do with a pull up or chin up bar.

P90X Workout Equipment Alternatives
Adjustable Dumbbells vs. P90X Resistance Bands Or B-Lines Bands

Free weights such as dumbbells are used in just about every one of the P90 X programs.

Free weights allow the individual to easily add resistance to the exercises. As a result you are using the muscle building principles of "progressive resistance." However, the amount of weight that you could use in a shoulder exercise will be completely different than what you could use in arms exercises.

Therefore, you'll need to purchase dumbbells of varying weight.

Or purchase an adjustable dumbbell. Dumbbells or free weights take up a great deal of space and are not exactly cheap. Resistance bands are better P90X workout equipment alternatives.

Just about every exercise that you can do with dumbbells can be duplicated with resistance tubing. The thicker the band the more resistance it will provide you. A thinner bands of course will provide you with less resistance and is comparable to lighter weights. In addition, you can also use some household objects as dumbbells.

The Mayo clinic cited soup cans or plastic water jugs. These can be used to replace dumbbells. However, this is not the ideal P90 X workout equipment but it is cheap. To determine how much you're lifting just place the soup or water container on your scale.

P90X Push-up Stands

Push-ups are an excellent exercise that will help build your shoulders, triceps core muscles and of course your chest.. You can use push-up stands to allow you to perform a deeper or full range of motion push-up. The stands will also help to relieve wrist strain.

However, they are not necessary.

For a fuller range of motion you can perform push-ups between two chairs or on the floor. According to many personal trainers and fitness professionals this should not create any wrist strain if you're doing the exercise correctly. If at first you cannot perform even one push-up (which is the case for some women and beginners) you can start out by doing push-ups in a kneeling position.

The power 90 extreme workout will help you burn body fat and get your six pack abs. You don't need to join the gym all you need some of the P90X workout equipment alternatives we have discussed.