P90X Workout -
How to Transform
Your Body in 90 Days

Not too long ago a buddy of mine called to tell me about his new P90X workout and a possible change in his wedding plans.

Let me briefly give you the low down of our conversation.

Because this is the last guy in the world I expected to try this 90 day program. What follows is his story about the P90 extreme fitness plan.

"You and I haven't talked for some time so, let me give you the current status of my wedding plans and my new workout routine.

You may be asking yourself... "What workout program are you talking about, you're 35 pounds overweight and your body wouldn't recognize a muscle, if one was standing in front of it."

Well, dude that's true but, what you don't know is that my fiancé about four months ago gave me the "surprise of my life".

She told me that I was a fat slob and if I didn't lose 30 plus pounds before the wedding... she was calling everything off!

She even threw in a couple of words about the size of my stomach, that I'm not too proud of, cause they're true. I let myself go and go real bad.

Too much pizza, beer, and partying had taken their toll on my body.

That night I couldn't get any sleep. I sat there on my recliner watching one of those late-night TV shows.

When along comes this commercial about a home fitness program called the P90X workout. You know me, you can say I'm one of the biggest skeptics on the planet.

However, when I saw person after person talking about the results they got with the P90X workout. And they even backed it up with their before and after pictures, I knew this might be the answer to my problem.

Other than finding a new fiancé :-( .

You know I am not the most disciplined guy in the world. In fact, you could call me a lazy SOB (I believe you have on several occasions.)

So, I said to myself, just cause they can do it, that doesn't mean I can, right? I mean not everyone is cut out to be a superstar.

And I'll confess that I didn't buy that P90 extreme fitness system right away (actually, I wanted too, but I fell asleep crying in my beer.)

The next day I was talking to a work buddy about this P90X thing and he told me that he had been doing it now for 63 days.

Now the thing is, this guy is kind of a braggart and a big mouth so I don't put much weight on anything he says.

But, when he flexed his arms and showed me his flat stomach, I was sold!

That day I went and ordered the P90X workout. I figured since it was working out so well for my showoff buddy, it should work for me too.

At least I hoped so!

By now I figure I've got you curious, right? I'm sure you want to know what happened because the wedding is supposed to happen next week.

Are you curious if I'm calling you to let you know that the wedding plans are off? Or did I follow the plan, lose the weight and save the wedding?

Well, after the ultimatum that Cindy, my fiancé gave me, I decided to follow the P90X workout, not for her reasons but for my own.

And I told her so, right to her face.

I expected her to cancel the wedding right then and there. Instead she gave me the biggest and most passionate kiss that I've ever gotten! I'll tell you why later.

Before I forget, let me tell you this P90X workout is not for "girly men." If you cry like a baby every time you have sore muscles or can't give up candy and soda pop, then forget about this training program.

Save yourself the money.

Just resign yourself to embarrassment and the "life shortening" health effects of being overweight (never mind the fact that you'll never end up with a hot looking babe.)

However, if you've got the commitment, the drive to lose that belly fat and get into the best shape of your life, then P90X is for you.

This workout is no "Walk in the Park."

And if you've seen any bodybuilding or fitness ads that tell you that -- all you need to do is pop a few pills or slug down some supplements -- and you'll be lean and ripped in no time.

They're lying and you're just kidding yourself.

This workout is for serious people who want serious results. You've got to put in 60 to 90 minutes a day, six days a week. But if you're willing to pay the price, then you'll get the rewards, just like I have.

Cindy just loves rubbing her hand on my flat, ripped stomach (thanks to the P90X ab Ripper workout.) Before, she wouldn't even turn on the lights when we made love.

Now, she wants to put mirrors on the ceiling, to see the ripped muscles on my back.

If you still haven't figured it out, yes I followed the program and I got RESULTS with the P90X workout."

Well, I was happy everything worked out for him and that he decided to change his life!

However, If you're like him and still embarrassed to take off your shirt in Public or in front of your wife or girlfriend. And if little kids point to you and say "Mommy That Man Has Booby's!"

Then you need to get over yourself and give this P90X workout a try.

It'll turn your life around. I'm not guaranteeing any results but, if you just follow the instructions, you'll be ripped in 90 days too, with the P90X workout."

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