How To Get Ripped Abs
3 Fool Proof Strategies

Developing Ripped Abs isn't an easy task for most people.

It requires you to watch your diet and to increase your metabolism through various techniques that will be discussed in this article. So get ready to discover the secrets of .. how to get ripped abs

Here are 5 super effective tips that will have you showing off your new "flat stomach" in no time.

Tip 1: Your Nutrition Plan-

As the saying goes you are what you eat and this is especially true when it comes to developing six pack abs. We all have abs the only problem is they are covered by a thick layer of fat. If the fat wasn't there you'd have a ripped stomach. Right?

Well let's get to it then!

You will need to eat smaller meals and more often 5 to 6 times per day. Why?

Eating smaller meals and more frequently will turbo charge your metabolism like nothing else can.

You must also stop eating:

* white bread
* Pasta
* Soda pop
* Candy
* All fast foods
* Hydrogenated oils
* Sugars

Here are some foods that'll help you reach your goal of having 6 pack abs:

1. oatmeal
2. olive oil
3. whole grain breads
4. Non sugary fruits
5. vegetables
6. nuts
7. eggs
8. natural peanut butter
9. chicken breast
10. fish ( salmon and tuna are the best. Both are high in protein and
omega 3's)
11. Whey protein

We all have a bad day and we all slip up every now and then, but don't use those days to forget this plan just get back on track. Tip 5 will help you in reaching your goal of getting 6 pack abs.

Tip 2: Workout Program

You will be performing three types of exercise... resistance training, abdominal exercises and HIIT Cardio. Workouts should be done 4 times per week. For cardio you should mix it up... some days ride a bike, run, or use a treadmill. Whatever you enjoy and will stick with!

Resistance training is critical. Why you ask?

Three pounds of new muscle burns the same amount of calories as a one mile run. Your body continues to burn calories and fat even after your run is over. Do your cardio preferably first thing in the morning before you have anything to eat for at least 20 minutes 3 to 4 times per week.

Perform 6 pack abs exercises every time you perform your resistance training. Mix it up and don't get bored. At our site you will find the most effective 6 pack abs exercise.

Tip 3: Water

Drink plenty of water at least a gallon per day. Water helps your body breakdown fat. One way to tell if you are drinking enough water is to check your urine when you go to the bathroom. If it's not clear... you're not drinking enough water.

Tip 4: Fat Burners

Fat burners can be very effective just be careful if you don't handle caffeine well. At our site we review the top fat burners that have proven to spike your fat burning ability at the lowest cost. Also use green tea and coffee if you can.

Tip 5: Motivation

Keep your eye on the goal. Cut out pictures of what you want your stomach to look like. You can find these images on line just type "Ripped Abs" on Google and click on images.

Use them as your desktop back ground. Print them out and keep them in your wallet.

Work with 90 day goals and you will have ripped abs in no time at all!

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