Shake Weight for Men Review
Scam Or Does It Work?

In this Shake weight for men review you will discover a SWFM review by someone who has actually spent the money on this product.

So, if you are looking to build muscle,get a ripped upper body, stronger arms and chest without having to go to a gym, then you may want to grab a chair and spend a couple of minutes reading this Shake weight for men review.

Shake Weight for Men Review
The No Fail Secrets of SWFM

Please Note:This is a review of this product if you would like more information you can visit their official website just CLICK HERE For Official Shake Weight for Men Website.

In this article we are going to discuss what are the benefits of this product. Of course, as you are probably well aware of, this product targets only some of your upper body muscles.

So let's discuss some of the major benefits of this piece of bodybuilding equipment.

  1. Only 6 minutes a day for strong, ripped Biceps, triceps and chest.
  2. No need for motor or batters, just shake it
  3. Weighs only five pounds
  4. Includes a free DVD with every purchase
  5. 7 times more effective at using muscle energy than a regular dumbbell
  6. Only 29.95 to buy and a risk free 30 day trial.

Now, lets take a more in-look at some of the things the Shake Weight for Men offers.

First, let's explore their advertising claim that in only 6 minutes a day, you can start feeling stronger in your upper body.

They claim that it only takes 6 minutes for you to begin feeling a "burn in your muscles" and that your muscles will begin to strengthen. In the first place, if you perform any exercise for a large number repetitions as they recommend and demonstrate on the TV show, lactic acid will build up which is what creates the "muscle burn."

So, in reality you're not necessarily building muscle size, instead you are just developing a higher level of lactic acid in your muscles.

However, after my first workout with this product it's a good idea to start out slow and build up to the 6 min. Simply because it does create a great deal of muscle burn. No need to be sore for the next two or three days.

Next, let's discuss in detail what is the price of this info product and it's 30 day risk free trial.

They claim that if you do not feel the burn within 6 minutes of using this, they will refund you every cent you paid for the Shake Weight. You can use it for up to 30 days with this warranty in place. They are so sure of their product, they aren't afraid of you returning it.

Only by ordering Shake Weight for Men online though, is this risk free trial available.

The last topic I would like to go over is how is it 7 times more effective than a dumbbell at using muscle energy.

What is muscle energy you ask? As simple as it sounds, it is the energy our muscles produce that we use everyday. The Shake Weight recoils over 240 times per minute, sending shock-waves throughout your chest and arms, working the muscles and helping to strengthen them.

Shake Weight for Men Review - Conclusions

This wraps up my Shake Weight for Men review. I hope it was informative and helps you in your decision when purchasing workout equipment for yourself or someone else.

In conclusion, in this shake weight review for men you have been given an insight into exactly what you get for your money. However, you can go ahead and give this product a try but bear in mind that there are better solutions.

If you are looking to build a ripped and muscular body or just tone up one of the best pieces of exercise equipment is resistance bands.

The shake weight is really using isometrics to build your body. If you're looking to find out more about isometric exercise there are many sites online that can help you.

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