Amazing Terrell Owens Ab Workout - Top 5 Ab Exercises In The Owens Ab Workout

Let's discuss the top 5 exercises that are used in theTerrell Owens Ab Workout.

Terrell Owens ab workout

Terrell Owens, (former) wide receiver from the Dallas Cowboys has been getting a lot of attention lately. You have to look no further than any of the Internet web sites or Muscle magazines to see pictures of Terrell's abdominals.

These are the top ab exercises from the new Terrell Owens Super Strong resistance bands training manual from Bodylastics.

Bear in mind that a low fat, low carb and high protein diet is also an essential part of fitness and getting six pack abs like Terrell Owens.

Here are the Terrell Owens Ab Workout Top 5 Exercises

Ab Exercise #1: Stability Ball/Chair Ab Crunch

This exercise is similar to “Weighted Stomach Crunch Machine” you would do at a health club. The abdominal crunch on an exercise ball came in third on the list of best exercises for the rectus abdominus.

Ab Exercise #2: Vertical Leg Crunch

This is an excellent exercise and with the use of leg straps you add the necessary element of resistance making this a super effective movement.

Ab Exercise #3: Kneeling Ab Crunch

This exercise is similar to the “Kneeling Cable Machine Ab Crunch”

Ab Exercise #4: Bicycle Crunch Exercise

Bicycle Crunch Exercise came in at the top of the list of best exercises for the rectus abdominus. You will need to use the ankle straps and the door hook for this exercise.

Ab Exercise #5: Resisted Side Bends

This movement is similar to dumbbell side bends.

Why is Terrell Owens using resistance bands?

Terrell's workouts have evolved over the years. One of the major changes to his training happened after his hamstring was injured during a football game. He resolved to work through the injury quickly, Terrell met with one of the top trainers for the L.A. Lakers.

The trainer suggested that Terrell begin using elastic resistance bands to strengthen the injured muscle. After only a short time of training with the bands, Terrell's hamstring healed and was ready for the field. Surprisingly, he noticed that his moves were more powerful and explosive.

Since his hamstring was better, Terrell stopped using the elastic resistance and resumed his normal training routine. Almost immediately, he noticed that the performance boost on the field was gone. From that point on, Terrell Owens has been hooked on training with elastic resistance.

He will look you straight in the eye and tell you that he is more explosive on the field and injury free because of it.

These are the top 5 exercises in the Terrell Owens Ab Workout the exact outline of how Terrell uses these exercises is out lined in the Terrell Owens training manual.

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