Terrell Owens Bands -
A Complete Review

T.O Bands What Are They?

The Terrell Owens bands have become very popular lately.

In spite of this, it seems that Terrell can't keep a job in the NFL. This former Dallas cowboy #81 has spent more time on magazine covers than on the gridiron. However, recently he was on the cover of Muscle and Fitness Magazine.

Terrell Owens Bands

One look at his ripped, muscular body, and you knew they had made a great choice!

I know what you're thinking, he lives in the gym and he only lifts free weights, right?

Well you'd be dead wrong!

In reality for years now, Terrell Owens has been using resistance bands, exclusively. He began training with elastic resistance bands, after his injury while doing rehabilitation. They worked so well that he never went back to free weights.

Now Terrell Owens has teamed up with Bodylastics to create the new T. O. bands.

The actual name of the bands, is the Terrell Owens Super Strongman Edition by Bodylastics.

Now get this, the Bodylastics system is used by personal trainers, US military personnel, other Pro athletes and even SWAT teams throughout the country. So it's no surprise that when Terrell Owens was looking to create his own home gym, that he would team up with Blake Kassel, founder and president of Bodylastics international.

What Bodylastics did is create the most amazing resistance band home gym.

The TO bands offer more than 140 health club quality type exercises that can be performed anywhere, home, office, or while on vacation.

On top of that, the T. O. bands provide resistance from 5 pounds to 254 pounds!

So just about anyone, any age, man or woman can use them to create the body, they want. No need to purchase an expensive Bowflex or Total Gym, the TO bands are all you need!

Now, I probably sound biased, but they really are that good!

I will not say that about a lot of things, but Terrell Owens and Bodylastics have really put together an excellent and affordable home gym.

Here's what you get with the Terrell Owens bands:

  • 7 Bands of Different Resistance Levels
  • 4 High Quality and Comfortable Handles
  • 4 Ankle Straps That You Can Use to Perform Upper and Lower Body Workouts
  • A Step-By-Step User Manual That Highlights over 127 Exercises
  • The Complete Terrell Owens Workout And Diet Guide
  • An Easy To Follow Far Burning Circuit Training DVD
  • A Convenient Travel Bag To Keep Your Terrell Owens Bands Safe and Organized
  • A Door Anchor That Allows You to Perform Exercises Just like An Expensive Cable Machine.
  • A Lifetime Membership to Strength University, it's a complete online Video Training Program

The TO bands even comes with an unheard of lifetime defects warranty and a six week visible results guarantee.

Get this, Terrell Owens guarantees that if you don't get results he will refund you 100% of the purchase price!

In all my years in fitness and bodybuilding, I have not seen a finer set of resistance bands, training system and support.

That's saying a lot!!

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