Terrell Owens Workout Program

If you've been searching for the Terrell Owens Workout your search is over!

I find it fascinating to see the workout programs employed by Hollywood celebrities and athletes to get into shape.

Alas, when doing a search for the Terrell's workout and some of my other favorite athletes and celebs;  I find almost nothing about their training programs.

Why is this the case, you might ask yourself, like I did.

Well, these folks use a high paid personal trainer. Of course these guys and gals (trainers) are not going to reveal their “Secret” result producing strategies and routines.

However, I recently purchased the Terrell Owens Super Strong Man Edition resistance workout bands made by Bodylastics. I was shocked to discover that along with this excellent home gym I received a copy of the Terrell Owens workout program. This is the actual workout and program that Terrell Owens uses during the off season.

Here is the exact program as it is described in the training manual.

Monday Exercises -

The numbers following the exercises are the number of sets followed by the number of repetitions i.e.. (set X reps)

  • Resisted Crunch 2 X 30
  • Standing Abs Twist 2 X 20 per side
  • Lunge 4 X 30, 28, 26, 26 per side
  • Standing Calf Raise 4x20
  • Standing Upper Back Row 4x12
  • Seated Floor Back Row 4x10
  • Shrugs 4x11
  • Seated Two Arm Triceps Extension 4x13
  • After Standing Abs Twist, jump rope for 30 seconds between all sets


  • Kneeling Ab Crunch (ankle straps) 3x25
  • Laying Two Legged Hip Flexor 2x30
  • Standing Calf Raise 3x30
  • Two Legged Hamstrings Curl 4x11
  • Standing Two Arm Chest Press (Low) 4sets x15, 14, 13, 13
  • Standing Hammer Curl 3x15
  • Standing Biceps Curl 3x10
  • Bodyweight Lunge (without elastics) 6x15 per side
  • After Laying Two Legged Hip Flexor, jump rope for 30 seconds between all sets


  • Resisted Side Bends 2x20 per side
  • High Low Wood Chop 2x30 per side
  • Laying Two Legged Hip Flexor 2x30
  • Let Extension 4x13 per side
  • Chair Shoulder Press 4x13
  • Standing Lateral Raise 4x13
  • Chair Wide Rear Shoulder Pull 4x13
  • Standing Biceps Curl 4x13
  • After High Low Wood Chop, jump rope for 30 seconds between all sets


  • Resisted Side Bends 2x20 per side
  • Resisted Crunch 2x30
  • Standing Calf Raise 4x12
  • Two Legged Laying Hamstrings Curl 4x12
  • Seated Floor Back Row 4x13
  • Shrugs 4x13
  • Bodyweight Lunge (without elastics) 6x15 per side
  • Resisted Pushup 4x15
  • Standing Hammer Curl 4x10

After Resisted Side Bends, jump rope for 30 seconds between all sets


  • Resisted Crunch 1X100
  • Standing Two Arm Chest Press (Low) 1X100
  • Leg Extension 1X100 per side
  • Standing Hammer Curl 1X100
  • Squat (bodyweight without elastics) 1X100

This is an incredible workout and not something I recommend everyone jump in to. The reason I listed his workout here is to give you an idea, so you can use this workout to create your own.

Resistance bands have some major advantages over free weights... most importantly they are:

  • Portable
  • Allow you to work the muscle from many different angles
  • Over 140 different result producing exercises can be performed
  • The T.O. bands allow you to go from 5 lbs. to resistance levels of 254 lbs.!
  • and much more

In Summary:

I HIGHLY recommend the Terrell Owens Bodylastics Home Gym Resistance Bands with the ability to attach MORE than 7 bands to one handle... they blow away just about any other exercise band on the market today. Order the Terrell Owens Bodylastics Bands from this site and I will give you the following FREE gifts:

  • Resistance Band Training Guide. (RETAIL VALUE $39.95)
  • Complete Build Muscle Nutrition guide (RETAIL VALUE $29.95)
  • Shed Body Fat Program (RETAIL VALUE 29.99)

To learn more about the incredible Terrell Owens workout and to see his Super Strong Man Edition then CLICK ON THE BANNER BELOW.

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